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I have attended many many training programs in my time. A few of them have been good. This one blows them all away.

Brook Crossman Senior Director, Systems Engineering, America Service Provider, Cisco USA

The past weeks have been a phenomenal journey which I will value for the rest of my days.

David Huntley CEO, Scottish Re, United Kingdom

Chris is a master, everyone loves him and it would seem as though they can’t get enough of him. He cannot be compared to any other trainer. He is very special, his delivery is riveting to watch. Others pale in comparison.

Sandhya Kapoor Head of Learning and Development APAC, Cisco Systems

You taught me how to show up.

EVP W/W Sales. Chief Sales Officer Bloom Energy

The most confronting, yet rewarding training I have ever been involved with.  I would recommend CMCGlobal to anyone.

Andrew Rossi Director of Sales, Datacom

Chris is my trusted advisor in the area of executive communication and influence. He is the best in his field.

Chris Beer, CEO Luxottica

Chris is simply the best coach in his field in the country.

Cheryl Walters, Head of Learning and Development Luxottica Asia Pacific

I struggle to think of any training that has such a deep effect. We will take this with us for a long time to come.

Kurtis Yang Senior Director, Cisco USA

Chris managed to coax out more relationship-building emotion from these experienced partners than I’ve ever seen. I am sure this will stand them in good stead when they go to market in the years to come.

Johan Raslan Executive Chairman, PwC Malaysia

This coaching and training has made a profound impact on my leaders and the broader team through the latest round of workshops CMCGlobal has been giving us. The engaging style, business focus and personal approach are second to none and drive very real personal development and business focused outcomes. I cannot recommend CMCGlobal enough.

Brian Jefferies VP Operations, Cisco Systems

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, it has allowed me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses but more importantly to unearth my potential. I have gained a better understanding of myself. As a result of this coaching I can express myself with more clarity and get my message across in a much more succinct and powerful way. This has been invaluable.

Craig McCabe, CEO Wesfarmers Resources

During this program I had the best “quality to time ratio” I’ve ever had in my life.

Massimiliano “Max” Cascino Systems Engineer, Seattle USA

Just wanted to say, the testimonials drew me in, and I was not disappointed! Thank you so much for the energy and laser beam care you put in to each of our team members. I feel changed by what you have shown, so thank you. Also, I immediately put my learnings  into practice with some tricky internal customers this morning with immediate impact.

Dr Louisa Carter, Executive Board Arcadis

It was a great course and nice to be able to do it with people I felt comfortable with. Nice also to go home on a Friday night with a real sense of accomplishment, I had a giggle on the bus thinking about where we were on Thursday morning as opposed to where we ended up on Friday afternoon! We can definitely give ourselves a pat on the back I think.

Erin Muldoon Legal Counsel, Wesfarmers Resources

Chris’s Executive Presence and Leadership Communication programs are outstanding.  His methods are unique and transformative.  He builds people into far more persuasive versions of themselves – not perfunctory presentation archetypes.  He helps to harness emotion and manage moods in others, which produces genuine human connection, with far greater impact and influence.  I’ve put a lot of people through courses with Chris and their most common feedback is ‘that was the best training I’ve had in my whole career’.

Gerard Lithgow, Chief Revenue Officer EOS

I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of your programs over the past decade. They have helped me mature and hone my ability to communicate, and be true to myself and those around me. So thank you.

Glenn McPherson Senior Regional Director Sales APJ, Dell EMC

It’s an incredible gift that you possess to create a watershed in the lives of nine unique individuals.

Grant Greentree CEO, Peakhour

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I have been through many trainings in my career, but the few days I spent with you and the group far surpassed all other training sessions I have attended. I just wish I could afford to have you be my career coach full time.

Kate Gerber Cisco/Microsoft team.

We have put our sales executives and most seasoned sales and engineering people through his program. The consistent feedback, and it never fails, is that it’s the best program they have experienced in their professional career.  Our Senior Vice President has made it a mandate that all our hi-potentials as well as our executives in the organization go through the program this year.

Kathy Dooleage Vice President, Business Transformation/Commercial Excellence, Signify USA

The SPAR Storytelling formula has provided me with a great framework to structure engagements with my customers. Since the course, I have applied this method to all my customer meetings with great success;

  • The formal structure enabled me to focus on hitting the key messaging to drive our relationship and the sales process forward;
  • Particularly useful , I have found, by establishing a SPAR synopsis for my customer appointments, I was able to remain more “in the moment” with the customer during the meeting;
  • I felt that the customers had a better experience and got more value out of the meeting than a standard “death-by-powerpoint” engagement – because we outlined the specific purpose and value for the get together;
  • I actually feel more confident and personally enabled to deliver a high energy, high value and (importantly) persuasive presentations to customers; and
  • I’m so impressed with the SPAR method, I have started outlining all my key customer engagements using this formula (Synopsis & 3 minute pitch).

Sorry if I sound like a sound bite from the TV shopping network, but I’m really stoked with this new approach to engagement and influence. :) I’m really looking forward to my next CMC Global course, I’ll be definitely writing this into my professional development plan!

Kirby Ellis Enterprise Account Manager, Defence VMWare

His work with my team is making a difference in many ways, even beyond executive communications.

Les Williamson CEO, Citrix

Chris has worked with individuals and groups of senior executives at Wesfarmers for more than 10 years. In that time he has been able to help leaders who were already competent communicators to raise their effectiveness.

He has helped leaders communicate with greater clarity and impact, to make what they say change how team members think and operate as a consequence. In addition, our leaders think differently about themselves and their role as leaders (that so much more can be accomplished, and greater performance achieved).

Chris has helped our leaders align teams behind clear goals and messaging that brings them to life. At an individual level I have seen leaders, who have been uncomfortable with communicating, step into their own authentic presence with Chris’ guidance. It is both practical and extremely powerful.

Anna Young, General Manager – Leadership and Talent, Human Resources Wesfarmers

Thank you again for your excellent delivery of the Executive Presence Program. I remember vividly what you taught us, especially my areas of improvement. I have already begun applying what you taught us first on Friday evening when I coached my Senior Manager…You, together with my personal story sharing, have made a difference to my life and will have an impact with the people who I interact with.

This is an excellent program and it is my most memorable course as well.

Margaret Lee Seet Cheng Partner, Pricewaterhousecoopers S.E. Asia

Chris, Marius, it was one of the most impressive and effective coaching in my life! I never thought that coaching could be so comfortable, fun, interesting and most important – productive. I started to look around differently and I hope it will bring success to me and my company. And I will be very proud to be one of your success stories as well.

Maria Glembotskaya, RSM Palo Alto Networks, Russian Federation, Moscow

I owe a large part of my success to Chris Morsley’s coaching and tutelage which helped shape and define my leadership style. Chris is my mentor and between his virtuosity and Julie’s expertise and professionalism, they forge a badass team that have built a global training and coaching practice that is clearly best in class.

Maurice Levine, Entrepreneur, Founder and Master Franchisee Anytime Fitness Asia Asia CEO of the year 2019, 5 x Franchisor of the Year and 4 x International Franchisor of the Year.

Presence, connection and the ability to inspire others to action are essential tools for leaders. Yet many otherwise effective leaders skew towards humility and find these tools of communication to be challenging.

With me, Chris tapped into something authentic and allowed these elements to emerge and express themselves, at first slowly, then fluently and unselfconsciously. He uses great experience, insight and empathy to enable a person to lead through personal and public communication. His work proved to me that presence, connection and inspiration don’t have to be innate (if they ever really were) They can be learnt and practised. It’s also a lot of fun

Nick Crennan, Managing Partner Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers

The best coach I have ever had.

Rahoul Chowdry, Partner, Global head, Banking Audit Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Chris has pinpoint accuracy for identifying the key drivers that hold people back from being successful in their face-to-face communications.  From there, he brings his creativity to bear to support people in driving through their constraints.  I engage Chris repeatedly with key executives and public spokespeople to raise them up to their full potential as communicators.

Ray Kloss, Marketing Director Cisco Systems APJ

This coaching is proving to be a critical part of our success. In the recent annual performance reviews of the Cisco Services team every person said that the CMC coaching modules were the best thing they had done in the year. The services team members are becoming great communicators through the training and all the participants felt that they learned important life skills along the way. For the last 18 months and Chris has had a huge impact on my team in terms of helping to get a consistent message delivered with passion. I’d recommend him.

Steve Blunt

When you are in a very public role everything you do and say will have an impact. Every word and every expression counts. When you speak your brand either lives or dies. To be a strong leader in these circumstances you need to have an uncommon energy that drives you and keeps you going no matter what challenges you face. Chris helped me find my authentic voice and the confidence to stand up, not only for Twitter as brand but for what I believe in. His direct and articulate nature ensures we arrive at the right place for every important engagement.

Suzi Nicoletti, Managing Director Twitter Australia

The impact and impression you made on me over the past few days has been exceptional.  I was even more impressed with your impact on the whole group. Your warmth, compassion and incredible skill were in full display.

I intend to use your technique and adjust. Additionally, I fully expect follow up engagements personally and have already reached out to two other leaders to encourage them to speak with you.

TJ Costello Director IoT, Cisco U.S. Public Sector

For several years I have put my trust in CMCGlobal. They understand our firm and cultural goals. The training and executive coaching has had a clear impact.  As we grow to become a distinctive firm that is known for its exceptional client interactions CMCGlobal are an important part of that transformation. As we continue to reinforce our credibility as the best firm in which to work CMCGlobal has become an integral part of the development of our people and their people skills.

Tony Harrington Global Board/Strategy and Transformation Leader Pricewaterhousecoopers

In short, you have given me the best professional training I have ever experienced.

Tony Henshaw, Director Government Telstra

This is the third time in ten years that I have been able to secure some coaching from Chris and his team for my team. Each and every time it has made a marked improvement to my delivery and so doing made me a more effective and successful seller. My career to date has been heavily influenced by Chris and following on from this last training I can only see more reasons to continue to invest my time and effort into mastering his technique.

Vaughn Klein Director, Collaboration at Cisco Systems, EMEAR

We are realising an incremental sales growth of 30% month on month through the teams trained by CMC Global.

Yatin Naik Head of Sales Operations and Marketing, Motorola, India