My Story

Why did I quit? Firstly because I was under no illusion that my success as an actor was as much an illusion as a reality. My future was not assured. The other reason I quit, which I found out much later, was because I still had much more to do in life and an acting career was not a sure path to success in fulfilling my purpose.

Almost everything I love in life is about individual expression through art, design and believe it or not, leadership; Leadership in business, society and as a parent. My purpose is to help leaders learn the art of expressing themselves in a way that makes a positive impact on the world around them.

In my two careers I have trained and coached thousands of people. I have worked on over 20,000 stories with leaders around the world. Stories that unite, educate and inspire people into action. I have a business that is overflowing with work from recommendation only. It may seem incongruent but I was never good at selling myself - luckily enough - people find me.

My intention with this website and my developing web presence is to reach out and connect with people I have never met and may never meet. I want to pass on the wisdom I have learned from those wiser than I. I want to show you exactly how people I’ve worked with have achieved exceptional leadership skills. I want to pass on the skills, behaviours and habits of the extraordinary leaders so that you can be extraordinary too - so that you can be more than you are…

I was introverted and socially challenged in my early teenage years. One day I stepped onto the stage of in an empty theatre and something strange happened…I felt at home. I found my place. It became my first career and fuelled my second. But at the age of 32 I quit acting even though I had spent over a decade hardly ever out of work.