You can be more
than you are.

I will teach you how to be a charismatic leader in work and life. I will show you how to uncover the unlimited possibilities of who you are and how you lead people. How to overcome the fears of standing out, speaking up and bringing people with you. I will help you break the habit of being less than you are. I will help you connect, persuade, influence in a way that makes a difference and gets you where you need to be.

My Story

Why did I quit? Firstly because I was under no illusion that my success as an actor was as much an illusion as a reality. My future was not assured. The other reason I quit, which I found out much later, was because I still had much more to do in life and an acting career was not a sure path to success in fulfilling my purpose.

Almost everything I love in life is about individual expression through art, design and believe it or not, leadership; Leadership in business, society and as a parent. My purpose is to help leaders learn the art of expressing themselves in a way that makes a positive impact on the world around them.

In my two careers I have trained and coached thousands of people. I have worked on over 20,000 stories with leaders around the world. Stories that unite, educate and inspire people into action. I have a business that is overflowing with work from recommendation only. It may seem incongruent but I was never good at selling myself - luckily enough - people find me.

My intention with this website and my developing web presence is to reach out and connect with people I have never met and may never meet. I want to pass on the wisdom I have learned from those wiser than I. I want to show you exactly how people I’ve worked with have achieved exceptional leadership skills. I want to pass on the skills, behaviours and habits of the extraordinary leaders so that you can be extraordinary too - so that you can be more than you are…

I was introverted and socially challenged in my early teenage years. One day I stepped onto the stage of in an empty theatre and something strange happened…I felt at home. I found my place. It became my first career and fuelled my second. But at the age of 32 I quit acting even though I had spent over a decade hardly ever out of work.


Executive Presence Masterclass

Great leaders and communicators move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of charisma, natural gifts, but the reality is much simpler. Great leaders understand emotion, they appeal to our hearts and our minds. They are capable of managing mood in themselves and others. No matter what leaders set out to do – whether it’s creating strategy or mobilising teams to action or delivering a vision to the marketplace – their success depends on how they communicate their vision and motivate people into action.

Screen Presence

A dog barks in the background. Your kids are being home schooled - there’s no more room for you. You are now sitting in a dusty garage and you are talking to another executive or a customer... Video communication is a new normal - even in the hybrid workplace. ‘Any device anywhere, anytime,’ is not just a marketing line it’s how we do business. So how do we manage the distractions and limitations associated with a small screen and still project a powerful personal presence, build rapport, uncover issues, connect with people and be compelling?

Executive Coaching
Leadership Communication

Executive coaching is where business becomes personal. I coach people for whom our interactions may lead to a promotion, a more motivated workforce, a stronger personal brand in the market place. Leaders are often required to break through personal boundaries or self imposed limitations in order to achieve organisational goals and uncommon success. The role of the executive coach is to enable change. A great coach must bring wide and deep experience, subject expertise and pin point accuracy to bare in uncovering the key obstacles that hold people back. Trust is everything and real outcomes should be the result.


Seminars or talks are available on just about any subject to do with Leadership communication. Popular subjects are: Storytelling, Executive Presence, Work/life Purpose and Charismatic leadership.

Video Learning

I am currently producing online video training as a stand alone or to supplement face to face training. The subjects will include all of the above and more plus video interviews with great leaders so that they can reveal the secret to their success. Watch this space!

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