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CMCGlobal Specialises in Executive Presence.

We coach and train leaders to communicate more effectively so that they can win more business, build stronger relationships and motivate people into action.

About CMCGlobal

CMCGlobal Training and Coaching utilises a combination of skills from the performing arts, the psychology of persuasion and global business acumen to help leaders communicate more effectively. When leaders need to make more personal impact in meetings, answer tough questions from the media or speak on stage, Our coaching and training helps them engage, motivate and inspire with power and authenticity.

Chris Morsley

Having graduated with a degree in acting from the world renowned acting school NIDA Chris Morsley became a successful professional actor for over a decade in stage, film and TV. During his career as a communication skills coach Chris developed the 330 Pitch value proposition structure and SPAR storytelling methodology. His unique methods are globally recognised and successfully utilised by thousands of executives from diverse cultures around the world.

Julie Morsley

Julie Morsley has 4 degrees including a masters in psychology. She has worked for over 20 years and is highly respected in her field. She and Chris have developed training and coaching programs for leaders of large multinationals for over 20 years.

Global Enterprise Clients

Executive Presence - Training

Great leaders and communicators move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of charisma, natural gifts, but the reality is much simpler. Great leaders understand emotion, they appeal to our hearts and our minds. They are capable of managing mood in themselves and others.

No matter what leaders set out to do – whether it’s creating strategy or mobilising teams to action or delivering a vision to the marketplace – their success depends on how they communicate their vision and motivate people into action.

Training That Creates a Buzz in the Business

Training as Reward and Incentive

Screen Presence

Screen Presence is a masterclass in personal charisma and persuasion led by Chris Morsley (ex professional actor and now executive coach of top executives). Participants learn from screen professionals what it takes to have natural charisma on screen and how to tap into their own storytelling instincts to connect with people, command attention and motivate people into action.

Screen Presence was developed this year in response to Covid and is based on the popular CMCGlobal Executive Presence Masterclass. It has been meticulously adapted and developed for screen by Chris Morsley and a dedicated team of Cisco leaders, Webex experts and remote learning advisors in California. It is a world class program designed for leaders and high potentials for whom business success and personal development must continue no matter what.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Communication

Our clients seek out a coach who can engage with leaders at the highest executive level. A coach who can help leaders find their voice, evangelise their brand and communicate effectively when the stakes are high.

Thought Leadership

Leaders Heading for C-Suite

Storytelling for Leaders

We show you how to tap into your storytelling instincts so that you can influence hearts and minds.

Motivating People Into Action

Articulating a Consistent Value Proposition