Executive Presence Masterclass

“I’ve attended thousands of courses in my time several of them have been really good. This one blows all of them away.”

Program Objective:

To help leaders communicate more effectively so that they can win more business, build stronger relationships and motivate teams into action behind their vision and goals.

The Experience

This is no cookie cutter program. The participants will be kept active and engaged the entire time. It is entertaining, incredibly practical and all consuming. I have countless examples and stories to help reinforce the concepts. I can adapt and change learning modules on the fly so that every minute of training remains relevant to each individual in the room. There will be video’s, white-boarding, improvisations, 1:1 coaching as the class watches and learns from each other - and not one PowerPoint slide in the entire 3 day program.

There are four key learning elements to Executive Presence Masterclass:

1. Personal Impact: Commanding attention so that people listen.

2. Articulating Value: Developing and delivering concise value messages  that resonate with people.

3. Emotional Influence: Managing mood in yourself and others so that you  can connect with people and influence them.

3. Storytelling: To be both personally and commercially compelling so that you can inspire people to work with you and achieve their best.

Brook Crossman
Senior Director
Systems Engineering
Cisco Systems

“This can change your life”.

Stuart Hendry
Managing Director
Nokia Indonesia

“This executive presence program has been a phenomenal journey which I will value for the rest of my days.”

David Huntley,
CEO Scottish Re, (U.K.)

“Hi Chris. Just wanted to say, the testimonials drew me in, and I was not disappointed! Thank you so much for the energy and laser beam care you put in to each of our team members. I feel changed by what you have shown, so thank you. Also btw I immediately put my my learnings into practice with some tricky internal customers this morning with
immediate impact.”

Dr Louisa Carter
Executive Board Member Arcadis

We have put our sales executives and most seasoned sales and engineering people through his program. The consistent feedback, and it never fails, is that it’s the best program they have experienced in their professional career.  Our Senior Vice President has made it a mandate that all our hi-potentials as well as our executives in the organization go through the program this year.

Kathy Doolaege.
Global Business Operations Leader Zoom

The Executive Presence Masterclass is a 2 or 3 day program with 9-12 participants respectively. The program is tailored to each client before commencing.