Executive Coaching  

Leadership Communication

Executive Coaching Categories

Being authentic, inspirational and influential within the organisation.

- Consultative leadership: how to motivate your team to reduce employee churn rate and    increase loyalty.

- Building cross functional relationships so that you can go to market as a cohesive team.

- Charismatic Leadership: Creating emotional contagion and getting people ‘fired up’.

- Coaching Conversations: Develop the coaching skills to help people overcome                obstacles that are holding them back from personal change, improvement or success.

- Energy, Drive and Purpose: Uncovering deep reserves of energy that drive you and          give  you a strong  sense of direction and identity as a leader.

The Board Room

How to be impressive, persuasive and succinct in this unique environment.

- Influencing the board or ELT: How to pitch for change.

- Impressing the Chairman: How to make yourself relevant and welcome in the boardroom.

- How to be influential at the highest level even if you are technical and introverted.

I owe a large part of my success to Chris Morsley’s coaching and tutelage which helped me shape and define my leadership style.


Being agile and persuasive.

- Great conversations. Empathy, agility and uncovering the real drivers that influence          clients.

- Creating and delivering persuasive pitches that leave no room for the competition.


Being ready to handle the media, industry commentators or third party analysts.

- Authentic and Commanding Media presence.

- Learn how to put your unique thought leadership brand into practice.

 - Be the most compelling member of any panel discussion.

“Chris taught me how to show up. His knowledge and passionate style has had a positive impact on me ever since we met.”

Chris White
CEO Signify
The Americas

“The best coach I have ever had.”

Rahoul Chowdry,
Global Banking Audit Partner,

“When you are in a very public role everything you do and say will have an impact. Every word and every expression counts. When you speak your brand either lives or dies. To be a strong leader in these circumstances you need to have an uncommon energy that drives you and keeps you going no matter what challenges you face. Chris helped me find my authentic voice and the confidence to stand up, not only for Twitter as brand but for what I believe in. His direct and articulate nature ensures we arrive at the right place for every important engagement.

Suzi Nicoletti
Managing Director
Twitter Australia

“Chris is my trusted advisor in the area of executive communication and influence. He is the best in his field”

Chris Beer
CEO Luxottica

“Our clients seek out a coach who can engage with leaders at the highest executive level. A coach who can help leaders find their voice, evangelise their brand and communicate effectively when the stakes are high. Chris has worked with individuals and groups of senior executives at Wesfarmers for more than 10 years. In that time he has been able to help leaders who were already competent communicators to raise their effectiveness. He has helped leaders communicate with greater clarity and impact, to make what they say change how team members think and operate as a consequence. In addition, our leaders think differently about themselves and their role as leaders (that so much more can be accomplished, and greater performance achieved). Chris has helped our leaders align teams behind clear goals and messaging that brings them to life. At an individual level I have seen leaders, who have been uncomfortable with communicating, step into their own authentic presence with Chris’ guidance. It is both practical and extremely powerful.”

Anna Young
General Manager
Leadership and Talent