“CMCGlobal’s Screen Presence Masterclass Program is the premium leadership communication skills program globally at Google.”

Screen Presence
objectives and learning outcomes.

This program is designed to help participants communicate more effectively over video so that they can command attention, connect with people and be more compelling.

 Your team members are highly capable business managers in who are required to:

- Communicate as organisational champions.

- Sit at any (virtual) table in the world of your business whether it is at home or overseas and      come across as global leaders with gravitas and a relevant point of view.

- Articulate messages at a strategic level and paint the picture so that other leaders buy in to      their vision or their ideas.

- Be storytellers who with warmth and authenticity capture the attention of other executives        and keep them engaged even on screen - like a professional News anchors.

The program is made up of 12 modules divided into 3 Series:

Series 1: Uncovering your personal charisma.

Series 2: The Storyteller.

Series 3: The Pitch.

The modules are commonly delivered over 4 weeks which gives time for the concepts to sink in and be reinforced. The timing can be adapted to suit your particular schedule.

- Each series will be delivered in 2 - 4 hour episodes with a maximum of 9 participants (3
  teams of 3) so that the participants receive personal attention and the class remains agile and

- Each module will include a combination of techniques, tips and practice so that each
  concept is understood and owned by the participants.

- Participants will be expected to practice between modules and collate their findings as
  a team in order to reinforce behaviour change outside of the program.

- At the beginning of each module the coach will review with each team how they went
  with practice so that improvements can be measured and tracked.

“As the leader for the Webscale business at Cisco, I have the luxury of dealing with some of the World’s largest and most innovative technology companies.  As a result of the pandemic, like many others we recently had to rapidly pivot our business model to an entirely virtual engagement with customers, employees and partners.

In response to this, we saw the need to build and maintain virtual customer relationships in
a compelling way as not only a necessity, but also a potential source of competitive differentiation.  With this in mind we engaged CMC Global to develop a programme that would increase the executive presence and relevance of our people in this ‘new normal’.  

Chris and the team responded immediately and in a few short weeks the programme was created and executed with stunning results.  Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and we are now instituting it as a standard part of our sales and
leadership development process.”

Ben Dawson
Sales Vice President
Cisco Systems California

(Currently VP of sales for Australia and NZ)

The participants in this Screen Presence program just proved that you only need 7
minutes to be incredibly persuasive.

Matt Pancino
Industry Solutions Practice Google APAC
(Formerly CTO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Chris finds a way to stretch each individual to their most expressive and most powerful selves, and then helps you determine the persona you need to be the most engaging speaker in any meeting! Great training full of anecdotes and stories that are both illustrative and engaging. Chris's Screen Presence training is a must for anyone looking to increase their impact on customers.

Sarah Green
Learning Advisor

Cisco Systems USA